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Laser Cut Concrete’s service area includes, but is not limited to San Diego County located in the State of California. If you live outside this area but are close enough that you think we might be interested in your job please feel free to give us a call. We have been known to work outside our service area at times. Laser Cut Concrete provides service to both commercial and residential clients. Laser Cut Concrete can do all of the services listed below for any type of contractor, including but not limited to paving contractors, plumbing contractors, landscape contractors, air conditioning contractors, electrical contractors, sewer, water and utilities contractors, fence contractors, industrial contractors, gas and water line installation contractors, builders including commercial and industrial contractors.

Decorative Saw Cutting


Decorative saw cutting is my specialty. I love doing these kinds of jobs. Decorative cutting leaves a "straight line"  pattern in your concrete. This can be a Diamond grid pattern or a North South pattern. For example,... if you want a pattern / design cut into your new or older concrete all you do is use a chalk line to "snap" that pattern. Laser Cut will do the rest. The beauty of all these cuts in your concrete is that they also help control expansion. So, why not dress up your concrete with some artistic saw cuts ! hey, lines are my friends, i cut 'em straight, Lase Straight.

Core Drilling


Plumbers, Electricians, Fire Sprinkler guys, Home Owners, Landscapers, etc… need holes cored in concrete or asphalt. They usually need to get a conduit or pipe through the hole. We can drill a small or large hole, whatever you need. We have your size.., from 1/2” up to 12" diameter. A home owner, for example, might have a need for a curb hole for drainage under their sidewalk. No problem, give Laser a call.

Flat Sawing


A flat saw is also referred to as a "Walk” behind saw. A flat saw takes hours, even months to become proficient / skilled. Cutting the Asphalt or Concrete for various contractors is an everyday thing for me. Cutting trenches in the roadway, parking lots, sidewalks etc.., help the customer remove this material without damaging the material that's staying in the ground. Laser Cut can cut up to 10" deep Asphalt, Concrete, Curb and Gutter. No job too small. Give Laser a call.

Rock Engraving


I love engraving on a rock. All my projects have always brought a smile to the customer! Be it a home address, a pet’s name, your initials. I can do it. I use special grinding & stone cutting tools to get the job done. For example, if you wanted to memorialize your pet, I can engrave their name on a rock. Also, you can add a picture as well. I can carve out a spot in the rock for your favorite photo. These rocks can be very personal, and very, very touching to the recipient. I have made these gifts for friends. All of them were genuinely touched. Also, I’ve drilled small core holes in the top of some of these memorial rocks, placed a plant or flowers in them, and told the recipient to think of their loved ones while taking care of the plant. An engraved rock is a "one of a kind” incredible gift.

Rock Sculpting


Rock sculpting is a hobby  that's  turned into a passion. I prefer to work with a softer stone. Such as Alabaster  or  Soap stone. I generally look for "something " in the stone that already has a shape. When I see it , I know it. If the shape is in there , I'll bring it out.


Using  Old World tools, (rasp,chisel etc. ) is my favorite way of sculpting. Polishing or smoothing the rock is the last step. It's amazing how clean & smooth you can polish a rock.  These projects can  take some time but hey, the rock ain't going nowhere .


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